Welcome back with me again! It's really so early morning to write this post before my internet quota will be off automatically in 5:00 AM. Sadly :") I'm trying to explain my mind faster than usual and the consequence is I have many wrong grammars again. Hahaha forgive me.
Let's focus to the point! Me, as you can see, made an art fashion for my tasks using materials such as denim, leather, polyester. The polyester is a base for hand-embroidery, leather for kapucong (what the best word to say, a head cover on jacket?) and denim for 65% composition in this duffel-coat modification. Stay tuned on the progress! Have a nice day! It's time for me to sleep zzzz.... (finally)



Good morning everybody! Happy new year 2015! Happy Monday! For some people who continue their activities like working and studying, I'm just staying at home with my college tasks and of course writing my blog. In the middle of new year night I got a gift from my boyfriend, that is an awesome smartphone LG G3 Stylus. Actually, this phone is a bonus for the work accomplishment target of Desta who got the second rank. It was five days I used this phone and it is of course user-friendly. This phone is really supporting me to search some inspirations and to be my facility to update all new stories in my life.



After played with water yesterday, It's time to drying Tracy's body and dress. I know my doll haven't many clothes because I don't have a long time to making her dress. Next time, I'm promise! I'm so sad that her hair is not beautiful as first time I posted her photos in 2010. I love to do some experiment especially to her hair until it happen like this. :')



So happy that I can see you again, Tracy! It was a long long time for doing the photo shoot! I'm busy but I think this is a good time to do it again. Blue is my favorite and the another things that I love is swimming pool. However, I can't swim and always afraid with a deep water. So, I just can interpretation it to my Barbie doll, Tracy Wayne.



 I love to eat oats and milk in the morning, but now I have some strawberries and I'll slice it. Of course it's the first time for me because I'm living in traditional food from my country and oats, milk with strawberries are the rare activity in my life. Hahaha And then my stomach feeling the same too. After I ate these, I continued to go to my toilet and you know what the happened next...



After stayed at home in one night, I'm going back to house rent in Kramat Sentiong, Jakarta. I love fruits so much and my Mom gave me strawberries, apples and bananas. I took a can of condensed milk, some mint leaves and four sachets of Ahmad Tea with variant taste. 

So you know what I'll to do in the next morning. Yap, I'm making a breakfast from fruits and condensed milk. I have different opinion about eating foods in the morning and everything I do are all my body needs.

I love all variant taste from Ahmad Tea, every single taste is have different sense of feel. Strong taste and have unique of packaging. So I'll brew a cup of tea for another next morning.



- 01/01/2013  :  New year party at Mrs. Jali's house, my mother's friend. The location at Jl. Agus Salim, Menteng. So beautiful house with the combination of Middle Java and Europe inspiration in the interior design. 

-02/19/2013  :  Blurred picture. One of the picture for The New Comers look on http://lookbook.nu/look/4910749.
-03/19/2013  :  Collection for aromatherapy oils that I bought at Bali 2012. Always forget to use these things. Hahaha.
-03/19/2013  :  Whatever Ahh on http://lookbook.nu/look/4792753 with my new leggings.
-03/20/2013  :  Spicy Denim, my new short pants that I got at Juanda-Depok.
-03/20/2013 :  Photo shoots for Out of Control with my DIY white roses crown from blacu fabric http://lookbook.nu/look/4842381.
-04/20/2013  :  White Flowers http://lookbook.nu/look/4891523 and lace collar, plus my little black dress.

-03/20/2013  :  ETHNICOLOGY http://lookbook.nu/look/5095096

-04/03/2013  :  Photo shoots for lookbook.nu and facebook, with my friends Vivi. You can see at Animal Inside-Out http://lookbook.nu/look/4892717 and Frozen (Two Years in Lookbook.nu) http://lookbook.nu/look/5003390
-04/23/2013  :  A chrysant flower, I love it. Layered petals.

-06/23/2013  :  It's my first time to use my new camera Canon EOS 1100D and the first object is Desta's cat, her name Pussy. Cute but slouchy.
-06/23/2013  :  a male cat in front of Desta's house. Maybe he's looking a girl inside this house (Pussy).
-06/25/2013  :  my sister Dyah Woro with wet hair, ow la la! Good morning! 

- 07/13/2013 : My sister's bedroom with the stupid words from me just for jokes. hahaha.
-07/07/2013  : Sunset in the last summer time. Beautiful silhouette.
-07/07/2013  : Boyfriend. Smoking. In the same area.

- 08/09/2013  :  Playing with the water speed.
- 08/10/2013  :  Akmal, me and Dea. Join for the photo shoots.
- 08/09/2013  :  Jasmine flower buds.
- 08/14/2013  :  A little girl hide and seek.
- 08/14/2013  :  My new shoes collection. Icon9ninety, Margo - Depok.
- 08/17/2013  :  A capture with a girl and her huge spirit for winning this game. Independence Day Indonesia.

-10/18/2013  :  Helping my friends to take some pictures with CN BLUE as an objects. Location at SAMSUNG gallery in Kota Kasablanka Jakarta.
-10/06/2013  :  Plaid pants for this fall at I Love the Way You Are #HappyXingDay the day for Lay's birthday http://lookbook.nu/look/5424698
-10/06/2013  :  Capturing from video 30 Seconds to Mars - Do or Die. I love this band so much! They're have so many beautiful songs and lyrics.

-11/13/2013  :  Visiting to APIP'S private collection Museum. The owner is Mr. Afif Syakur who have so many original and antic Batik.
-11/14/2013  :  All of fashion design students from IKJ 2011 with some lecturers and alumnus are going to Taman Sari, Yogyakarta. A bathing place of the Mataram Kings.
-11/12/2013  :  Watching the Ramayana ballet at night.
-11/20/2013  : The skies are showing me up for the new morning.
-11/19/2013  : I made a batik with canting and wax when my friends and I visited to village of batik artisans in Yogyakarta. I combined a symbol of 30 Seconds to Mars and Batik motives. A little bit acculturation from me. 

-12/23/2013  :  My second collage about polar bears and their habitat in North Pole. I made this collage for the concept of my Accessories Design tasks.
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